What Do You Need To Know About Dodgem Cars?

Dodgem cars have very names. Some call them bumper cars, others call them dashing cars. This kind of cars operate on the electricity and needs an operator to turn them off and on. Such kind of cars are used in amusement parks from Advanced Amusements and these derive their energy from the ceiling and the ground. There are three ways to supply power to the dodgem cars. Either one of these could be used.

One of the most common design techniques that have been in used in the dodgem cars since the very start is the technique of over head system. This technique utilizes the ceiling and the ground. The dodgem car is attached to the ceiling through a pole and its bottom surface is in contact with the ground. Both the ground is ceiling are charged oppositely and the dodgem car’s contact with each one of them connects the circuit and the current is supplied to it. The second technique is the floor pick up technique. This technique does not make use of the ceiling but only makes use of the ground. In this design the ground floor is covered with the strips made from various metals and there are spaces between these metals which works as insulator. The bottom of the car is made large enough so that it is in contact with at least two of the metal bars. These metals bars are charged to provide the voltage to the dodgem cars Melbourne and their contact with these make it happen. The third technique are the use of batteries. The dodgem cars using this technique does not need any kind of circuit or electricity to work rather these have rechargeable batteries. The only problem with these dodgem cars is that their batteries drained and whenever the battery of the car is drained it will take hours to get it recharged again.

The floor on which these dodgem cars operate are either rectangle or the oval shaped. Usually the friction is reduced as much as it can be so that less energy is lost when the dodgem car is in contact with the floor. In order to reduce the friction, graphite is used.  The drivers of the dodgem cars travel either to dodge the other cars or to bump in to them. The cars can travel in either direction that travel either forward and backwards by the use of steering wheels. This is the main idea of this gaming cars.

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