The Bonding of Two Hearts


Most wedding functions takes place in hotels or wedding halls. Only very few people have their functions at home. Whether the wedding is in a hotel or hall there are three things that will always be there, chairs for invitees, tables to serve food and the couples stage, where the bride and groom will be seated throughout the function. The stage, tables and chairs would be decorated with the suitable wedding decor.

Selecting the theme colour

In most weddings the setup is always based on a theme colour that the two families decide. Mostly people go for really light colours like pink, purple, but sometimes people do go for dark shades like maroon. However sometimes the colour white and gold or white and silver are used instead. Once when the colours are decided, the type of other décor and its colours are all decided.

Couple’s stage

The couple’s stage is mostly decorated with flowers, silk drapes, crystals and lights. One of the most common flower used to decorate the stage are roses. Stages come in different shapes and sizes, and how it is designed and how it looks all depend on the culture of the couples. Some couples even have a sofa or some sort of a decorative chair for them to sit on. These flowers and chairs are chosen to suit the theme colour, and they are lit by spot lights, and sometimes the chair is covered by silk drapes. Other decorative pieces are also placed sometimes on the sides of the stage which normally are made up of white shiny crystals.

Table décor

The tables are the other area that is given the most attention to. Almost all tables have a light coloured table cloth mostly that which is of an off white shade spread over them. On the centre of the tables would be placed the appropriate coloured and sized wedding table centrepieces. They can be large glass vases of any shape with a bunch of flowers in it that are similar to the flowers of the stage and the bride’s bouquet. And around it would be placed mini ornaments such as candles in stands or tiny floating candles in a small bowl of coloured water, everything would be arranged to fit the theme. All chairs would also be covered with a cover similar to the table cloth and have a ribbon or a bow around it that matches the theme colour.

Cards, gifts and treats

Other pieces of décor that are based on the theme colour is the decorations on the wedding car that the couple would be leaving in. The invitation cards and envelopes that are distributed to the invitees before the wedding are also based on these colours. In some functions they have thank you gifts and special wedding treats for the invitees with the names of the couple and the wedding date on them, these gifts and treats are all wrapped and presented with papers, nets, stones and ribbons with the same theme colour.